Camplin’s success story came from military supplies, where Charles understood the need for new standards in uniform manufacturing. From then on he was the one who supplied the uniforms to the Royal Navy. This was also the reason why it was awarded the Naval General Service Medal (a medal with a green striped blue ribbon) and to this day the same blue and green ribbon is used for the finishing touches to the Peacoat.

Mr. Camplin was known for supplying uniforms to the Royal Navy. Indeed, it was his idea to suggest the use of the Peacoat as part of the Petty Officer uniform. Until then, NCOs had the same uniform as normal sailors. However they needed their uniform, but more practical than the Great Coat worn by senior officers. This is why Mr. Camplin had the idea of ​​a jacket, with the same important style of a coat but the practicality of movement of a jacket. Thus the P. Officers (subofficials) obtained their P. Coat (P for Petty in Petty Officer) which later for phonetic reasons became the word Peacoat.This is the reason why for many Mr. Camplin is the inventor of the Peacoat.